Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Fallin'

Last week I carried out a Photo shoot with Rebecca for my project. It was loads of fun :).

I must also say that I learned a lot about Fashion Photography. Not only about technicalities like poses, lighting and angles, but also how these affected the overall atmosphere and "message" in your work. "A picture is worth a thousand words" ; it's true. Every little twist of the head, flicker of an eyelid or the bend of an arm contributes to the aesthetic quality of the shot. I also noted that a Fashion Photographer can be quite the artist. This is in the sense that s/he uses settings, figures, lighting and all the elements around him to convey a message, a perception, maybe in a way you never thought about before.

 The main theme chosen here was focused around the investigation of how the punk-rock subculture affected mainstream fashion. With their edgy accessories and haircuts, attire and bright but grungy feel.

Overall I think that this activity was valuable and highly educating. More than anything, being behind the camera makes you see things in a way you probably wouldn't in your everyday routine.


  1. ah I loved looking at your photos

  2. i love photography, i love the shoot. you did a fantastic job =) looking forward to seeing more of your works!


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