Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Art of Black

This year, I want to learn the art of pulling off an all-black(ish) outfit like that. Black is overused, abused and sometimes worked so totally wrong that I generally tend to just steer clear of it. In fact, I do not own many items in Black. However, I do think that it's a nice colour to dress in, and I want to learn more about how to do it properly. Like the example below.

Photo from Stockholm Street Style

Below are a few tips and guidelines (not actual rules. There are no rules in Fashion...methinks, anyway) I would keep in mind when going for a predominantly Black outfit:

- Layer. This will help add different dimensions to your outfit and automatically making it more interesting 
and visually dynamic.
- Add texture. Like a lace shell top, a knitted item, different kinds of fabric and so on.
- Accessorize. Even studded clothing counts. Accessories will make your outfit less dull and more oomph.
- Do add spots of colour. Like a coloured stone ring, a subtle pattern (like the one on the bag in the picture above), Lipsticks and Nail Laquers. 

Remember, being creative is the key.

Photo from here

Photo from here

Photo from here

Predominantly Black

Tina :) x


  1. Definitely can't go wrong with solid black! Nice looks!


  2. You`ll never get wrong if your black but just like what you said be more creative in wearing it.


  3. hi! these looks are so beautiful :)
    black is always chic...

    thank you so much for your message in ifb i just followed your blog

    happy blogging ~!!



  4. Great tips! Black can never be boring! xoxoxo

  5. Hi Martina! Thank you for visiting me! I agree with the printed pants..they're my favorites from the collection. I think they would look so cool with basic tshirts! xoxoxoo


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