Thursday, February 23, 2012

Printy, print, prints.

So I know there are the Fall/Winter shows going on, but I'm gradually easing into a more 'spring-y' state of mind. Mostly I've been creating a lot of Polyvore outfits with particular themes in mind. These themes are prints, leather looks (yes. I wants leather), and pastels/colour blocking. I'm not much of a fan of colour-blocking really, but I tend to like it with pastels. :)

For the sake of avoiding ridiculously long-wided posts, I will focus on prints and florals today, which is my favourite-est theme. Especially electric floral prints. LOVE. Also, Mary Katrantzou's peices... *AWE*.

It's a two-tone floral thing:


What I'm eager to try out is to mix two items in a different floral print. I think it can play out really well. Who needs colour blocking when you can mis-match prints? Hah. Kidding. (Or am I? O.o)

That Lampshade dress:

Print-astic 2

That lampshade dress. Cliche, you say? Well, maybe. But it's still pretty awesome. This dress was actually done by Mary Katrantzou in collaboration with Topshop. I believe it's already sold out, by the way.

Topshop lookbook, Alexa Dixon, Poppy Delevigne.

The Floral-Leopard Combination:

Print-astic 3

I feel I have to point out a few things about this last outfit. First off, it's in a tie with the first as my favourite outfit. Secondly, I know I said 'Spring' looks, but I said I was easing into it not jumping head first, hence the coat (also, I'm in love with that coat.) Thirdly, the floral-leopard combination was inspired by an outfit Olivia Palermo donned on Day 3 (if I'm not mistaken) of the London Fashion Week. Observe:

Photo taken from meek-n-mild. Awesome blog. (do visit! :)

See the leopard- floral combination? It's daring, and some might not light the effect, but I loves it. The trick here is that the trousers barely graze the ankle, so there's that bit of skin separating the floral  from the leopard. Removing that gap would probably be a mistake.

Anway, now I'm off to prepare for tomorrow. We have Design fundamentals in the morning and in the afternoon, then I'm out for a (possibly) crazy night. Today it has been the most radnom day. I had piano lesson, came home, tried on a few outfits, finally opted for my black ZARA coat, tan oversized cardigan, lace top, leopard scarf and studded boots (I loved that outfit)... Then I went to visit my gran and spent some time with her. Seriously, she's the best. :)

Tina out. x


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    1. Lucky you! :) And yeah, she does have a knack for that, doesn't she? ;)

      Tina x


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