Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mood Board

So last week I applied for a Fashion Foundation course that is being held at the St James Cavalier centre for creativity. I had my first 3 hour session yesterday and I must say it was rather interesting. It was more of an overview of the Fashion Industry but we also got a couple of exercises, both individual and group work. One of them was thinking up a 'Jenny' for our hypothetical collection. 

We also went briefly into mood boards, so for today we had to create one of our own. The theme I wanted to go with was a chaotic, dynamic and grungy sort of feel. The collection behind this mood board would be something with contrast, something with a structured, tailored feel but still has that dynamic look. Little stones and metal embellishments with an asymmetrical cuts and lines. I'd probably do pops of well integrated colour with whites, creams greys and blacks.

Also, our lecturer , Alison Coates, explained how the type of mood board like below is better than a bunch of clothing and catwalk looks. I'd imagine that a mood board for styling ideas would, in fact, be made as a number of inspiring looks, but for design ideas it's not the same.

It didn't take that much to make but I did think about it and visualize a lot. I do like the final outcome. I'm not particularly into dark colours but I do like that grunge feel so I think what I came up with is adapted to this.

Inspirations for this look were also the Chanel Fall/Winter 2011/2012 show. I loved that show, even more than this year's. The music, the mood, I like it better.

Tina x


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