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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bits and bobs

This week I took quite a lot of photos for my Fashion blog, and I thought I'd show you my favourites.

A Topshop Crop Top :)

Spike necklace from Regal Rose. Love lovity love love.

Head over heels (heels? get it?) with these shoes.
They're ASOS AVA booties.

Cool Ear Cuff. I'm getting another similar one from ASOS though 'cause I really liked it too. 

Oh, I love these shorts.

Part of a little activity we did in the Fashion Foundation course I attended last March.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Moustache, really?

Is it just me, or have I really been seeing a lot of this:


Throughout the Fashion world, this moustache is cropping up in a lot of places. Designs which incorporate this symbolic piece of facial hair (which admittedly doesn't sound very 'chic') vary in a multitue of ways. 

From top left: ASOS Jumper,  Le Moustache tee, Moustache Necklace, ASOS Earrings, Moustache Nails.

Despite the tacky and controversial (I still can't decide my stand on facial hair :P) nature of this design, it does turn out to be quite the quirky-cute look. The curved lines, little flicks and the plain black colour give the design a certain aesthetic beauty. Overall I do believe that in it's simplicity, the design in fact has potential to be 'chic'. It does depend on the kind of look you're trying to achieve, and I see it as leaning more towards  strictly casual attire.

A particular moustache-related novelty I'm enjoying is men's tops with moustache taglines. Like these:

From top left: Acid EmbraceClutchTees and French Truckers.

And also my personal favourite moustache tagline:

Sunday, December 4, 2011


It's the attention to details that makes something ordinary, extraordinary.

I'm particularly fond of design which respects detail. In everything I do, I'm kind of this big perfectionist, despite my clumsy tendencies to fall about and stumble into things.

A good design is great, but a good design with great attention to even the smallest detail is greater.

There are many ways to interpret this. If it is a beautiful dress which has a neat and accurate finish, or a simple top which is added that 'something more' that completes it. It all depends from the eye and the balance we perceive.

Here are a few examples which I think reflect this thought:

from here

Charles and Ron design from here

from here

from Of a Kind

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