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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's not vanity. Seriously, it's not.

I have a different kind of post for you guys today. I've been thinking, you see, and since I do quite a lot of it, I managed to actually get somewhere.

I had a short day at University today. So after a lesson of 'Tool-kit For Thinking Out Of The Box' I decided to treat myself to a shopping spree and spend every single shiny euro. It didn't really end up to that but I did spend the majority of what I had. I would say I feel guilty, but I don't.

I feel I have to say this; it was a special day. It was a special day because for the past few days I've been pin-pointing shopping and spending habits I have that are rather annoying. For one thing, it's incredible how much I skimp on bottoms; ie. trousers, skirts and shorts. The second and most annoying is that I tend to be scared of buying things for fear of spending the little money I have. The thing is, I bloody spend it on food, drinks and useless stuff then. *disbelieving* *ugh*.

So today I feel like I've launched a personal project. One that's all about spending my money on things that really matter. Specifically, on building a wardrobe of quality items. These are to me the equivalent of quality art paints. Dressing up is an art. It's not vanity. Seriously it's not. 

Take it like this: Would have Van Gogh been able to create his masterpieces without paint and canvas? No. So we need clothes. We need bags and scarves and shoes. It's our creative side which compels us to translate this artistic streak through what we wear. With that being said, I feel completely justified for not feeling guilty at spending my money on clothes.

Also, in spirit of Van Gogh and Fashion:

pictures from here

Friday, January 13, 2012

Flatforms and Fashion Critique

I've been reading a lot about Fashion lately and, to my dismay, some treat the subject in a highly close-minded regard. Some of these sources are even magazines and local television. Sure, one has preferences and a particular 'style', if you wish. However, declaring in an outright (and sometimes verging on the aggressive) manner that 'this thing is ugly' or 'could never be beautiful' is not really my idea of entertaining a thought about anything to do with Fashion. Besides, who am I to judge what is beauty?

I think that Fashion should be treated a lot like art. I know what I like and what makes it something which adheres to my likes. I give critique to everything, from things I might like and things which I might personally despise. It's the same with art. You cannot simply point at an Egon Schiele painting and declare that it is ugly. Or, even worse, that you shouldn't be caught dead with it in your home. Who is anyone to judge what any other person might want to wear?

Now, to make my post about something more concrete, I will move on to discuss with you a rising trend in the past few collections:


Personally, the first notion that precedes me as I inspect these shoes would be a cringe. At first glance, they look strange and unnatural. I believe that this is due to only one thing:  previous aesthetic experiences with shoes. Platform-ed shoes should (for lack of a better word), as per usual, elongate the leg, with the heel being higher than the ball of the foot. It is entirely due to our unconscious preconception of shoes and how they should look according to this, that Flatforms might seems slightly weird and visually unbalanced. It is the same with anything. (If you're into Visual Perception I greatly suggest the book Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye)

Prada and Michael Kors

Jeffrey Campell and Derek Lam

An article from Glamour last year, announced that "this love child hybrid between a flat platform is a win-win: You get the added inches (and confidence!) that high heels give you, but without the agony of balancing on glorified toothpicks for hours on end." Now, I do see their point. It's a refreshingly new look from the usual ankle-breakers. Honestly, though, I do not think they could replace actual heels. As I mentioned before, a particular and distinguishing characteristic is that the heel is higher than the ball of the foot, and it is this that particularly elongates the leg. The Flatforms do not do that, they simply give you an added height.

Whilst personally I wouldn't invest in them, as I like versatile shoes which do carry on through a few seasons, I do think that in some quirky way they can be pulled off. Mind you, these flatforms are not actually new this year. In the S/S 2011 they were already on the runway. As I was saying, there are a few of these which are pretty nice. Jefferey Campell's Beebee, for example, did catch my eye, and I might've worn them really- if I had a pair ;). 

Beebee Flatforms

I think that they would go really well with high-wasted shorts, Knicker Shorts or skirts, as I used in my Polyvore outfit.

That's all for today. I will soon post my first ever official outfit post, probably next week. ;)

-Tina :)

References: Pictures of flatforms from here, here and here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fashion is art.

Feathers, Texture and a touch of Gold.

I find this really beautiful because it has remarkable semblance to an expertly done piece of art . Every element in this dress is balanced out with the incorporation of an opposite- details which compensate, so to speak. There is the shimmery gold in contrast with the soft tones, the volume of the puffed, feathery texture of the skirt with the structured, fitting bust. You can really appreciate what the designer did here.

What this design reminds me of is one of Fendi's SS creations we saw on the runway last year. See the flowing lace mesh fabric flowing down to the floor and the va-va-vooom feathery sleeves? The peeking of satin from underneath and the shoes with their metallic silver platforms? Compensation, compensation. It's a visual art, therefore there has to be balance. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

But I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo.

I have two new (new to be uploaded, let's put it this way) works of art. Now, they could do with more retouching and nitpicking... but I could go on doing that for ages, years, millenia- if I actually lived that long.

This is a work I did in my sketchbook.

An Art project for school where we had to design a poster inaugurating the 400th Anniversary from Caravaggio's Death.

I love colour and acrylics. Actually, you can easily deduce that by simply looking at anything I usually wear at home- hoodies, pyjamas- anything I wear when I usually paint.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The heart of life is good.

I'm a big fan of colour.
Just in case you couldn't tell.

This is a sketch I did a while ago and had completely forgotten. It was inspired from a Matthew Williamson Design Blair Waldorf was wearing in an episode of Gossip Girl.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mm what 'ya say?

This is an art project I did last June. I was actually working on another, completely different theme. However I had to scrap it and started from scratch as I didn't like my first drought at all. The trick, most often, is to just go with your gut, even if yo might think it's too difficult for you to carry out successfully. If you want to paint it, paint it. Giving things a try is usually the secret to successfully creating something you're proud of.

For this work, the only object I started with was a plastic flower. I elaborated into cherry blossoms because they remind me of the this tree we had at school in Secondary. By spring, it would have transformed into a pink haze. Amazing.
 This is why I love art, it comes on its own, from pictures, scenes and feelings you experience. Even things you might not be actively conscious of.

Overall, this picture has two main themes; the beauty creative expression. Fashion is an element in this picture, I can't really help it. It's very interlinked with art in my point of view so it pops up practically everywhere. And then there's music... I really think human beings cannot live without it, in all its different forms. It gives us something more in our everyday lives :).

Tina x 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jennifer Lilya

Whilst working on my Systems of Knowledge project, I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to and interview Jennifer Lilya. This artist and Fashion Illustrator has some amazing works, and I was really happy and actually a little bit surprised that she promptly replied back with much enthusiasm. I found that most people within the fashion Industry who go beyond a certain level of success do not reply back. Not Jennifer Lilya :). You can Find her website here, and you can also visit her Facebook Fanpage.

Read the Interview Questions, below:

How did you become a Fashion Illustrator?
One of my earliest memories is of ‘drawing pretty pictures’ when I was a kid. I was always drawing pictures of people…then I discovered fashion & music as a teen, and my path was pretty much set. I took art classes in school, poured over back issues of fashion magazines in the local library & knew that I wanted to marry my love of drawing & fashion and decided to enroll in FIT for fashion illustration.

What does your work consist of exactly?
Most of my pieces consist of runway trends. I also do editorial scenes, accessories & lettering for various clients. I prefer to work on 14” x 17” , 90lb Stonehenge paper. I work strictly in acrylic & black ink.

What kind of commissions you get and by whom? What would they be looking for usually and for what purpose is the job commissioned?
I get commissions from magazines, websites, art directors, fashion designers & people looking for something lovely to hang on their walls. I tend to get hired for my illustrations because they are unique & fun- I’ve stayed true to myself working by hand, while many people have turned to computer art. My girls are pretty, fashionable & nice, combined with a bit of wit & cheekiness. They’re used for all sorts of advertising purposes & editorials.

What are you working on right now?
I usually like to work on a few projects at once. Right now I’m working with a young designer in LA, doing a few illustrations of pieces in her new collection to be used for advertising. I’m also working with some style blogs and revamping my website to sell original art & prints of my work. In between all of that, I like to keep my portfolio fresh, so I’ll do current runway sketches of designs that I love.

Do you use any specific techniques in your work?
I like to work acrylic like one would watercolor- really watery & layered. It creates a lot of movement & life that I prefer in my illustrations. I then go in with black ink to create line & shapes that bring the illustration together. I also like giving my girls  a story line, so I’ll add some fun saying or song lyric in black ink to round out their personalities.

 Would you say you had a particular style of your own? How would you describe it? 
Yes, definitlely. My girls are beautiful & fashionable, but most importantly they are fun & have personalities of their own. I think that sets me apart from some other artists. My tag line is ‘Fun, Fabulous Fashion Illustrations’- I think that sums it up. Fashion is hard work, but I think it should feel light-hearted & effortless.

In your work and illustrations, from what are you influenced and inspired most?
I looooove the runway shows- the new looks, the models, the attitude, the freshness of it all. That’s my main inspiration, but I also find inspiration in everyday things- taking a walk around NYC- the textures in the urban landscape, the energy of the people, the music I’m listening to on my ipod. I’m  a happy-go-lucky person & I think that shines in my illustrations.

Name a favourite Fashion Illustrator and/or Artist whose works you admire most. Why those in particular? 
I think it’s a tie between Rene Gruau & Antonio Lopez, both for different reasons. Gruau was a master of line quality, shape & color. His girls are classy & gorgeous.  Antonio was also a master of line quality, shape & color, but his 60s- 80s pop culture sensibilty really brought a different element to fashion illustration. I also grew up seeing his work in magazines, so that shaped my love of the field.

Which is your personal favourite work by you, and by another artist?
I can’t pick a favorite of mine, but I do have a few pieces that I’m in love with (you can find these on my website- www.jenniferlilya.com_) : “Dots of Fun”- I was very happy with the effect I got from the fabric & pattern of her dress; “Blossom”- For the brilliant bright colors & the shape of her lips; And most recently, “Fan Club”- I’m very happy with the few lines I use to achieve her hair, and I love the makeup on her.

  I love “Red Sofa” by Rene Gruau. I love how she’s so sleek & laid back, and the red is just swallowing her up.
I’m not sure I can pick a favorite by Antonio, but there’s one illustration he did of Jerry Hall that’s just killer. It’s just a portrait of her with sort of a cactus as a hat. He captured her essence, her face, her  background with just a few lines & a simple color scheme. Pure brilliance.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in Fashion Illustration as a job or even just as a hobby?
I think the most important thing is just to draw as much as you can- keep a sketchbook with you so you can draw when the mood strikes or you see something inspiring. The more you draw, the more you’ll develop your style & find the mediums you like to work in.

Do you consider yourself to be a fashionable person? Do you pay attention to style and trends when preparing outfits for yourself? 
I consider myself fashionable- I looove dressing up to go out! I definitely pay attention to style & trends, but I'm not a slave to trends- I might pick a key piece (like some animal print this season) or an accessory or cool shoes to add some pizazz to an outfit. My basic wardrobe is black; black camisoles, black skirts, black jeans, that I  either dress up or dress down. And I love cute little party dresses!

Also, do you think your own personal style this affects your work?
I think my style reflects in my work- easygoing, flirty & fun. and happy.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Look at the bright side of things

Getting on with my Systems of Knowledge project! Woop woop :)

"The Bright Side" feature in my project about vivid looking styles.

This is a sketch I'm doing from a Teen Vogue issue for the feature mentioned above.

Topshop's lookbook was amazing. It's was my inspiration for the design on the right.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Artsy me

Here are some sketches I did a while ago. In both of these sketches there is featured the model Sasha Pivovarova. She is one of the most dynamic, creative and enthusiastic woman I have ever seen in this job.

Sasha Pivovarova for H&M
Sasha Pivovarova :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pictures of you, pictures of me.

The model above is from an Elle issue of about a year and a half ago. The flowy lace mesh dresses were gorgeous, and I loved the textures. In the end I drew this one which I uploaded here :).

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Preamble... or lack thereof.

Hi! This is my blog :). I got round to doing this as a first, early step towards my Systems of knowledge Project. It's a project we have to complete for our A-levels and which is due in October. I thought something like this blog needed time to build up, so here it is.

Things which inspired this work:

Victorian era dresses.
The film 'The Duchess'.
Venetian masks.
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