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Monday, December 12, 2011

Fashionable Camera Bags

One of my latest tech-related aquisitions is my beloved SLR. I bought a Nikon (Body Only) and a 50mm lens with an f/1.8. And I'm in love.

What I wasn't in love with, though, was the plain, black camera bag my SLR inherited from my previous camera. A while back I had spotted a gorgeous camera bag from River Island. I was pretty sure they wouldn't have any left in stock- but they did, they did! And here it is:

In the spirit of fashionable Camera bags, I did some research in the area, and found some other pretty cool ones available online. Here are a few of my picks:

From top left (to right):

- FOSSIL Shelby Camera Handbag
- Grafea Leather Camera Bag, available here.
- Laurel Wreath Collection by Richard Nicoll Leather Camera Bag from ASOS.
- CaseCrown CAMO Rugged Canvas Camera Bag from Amazon.
- Jack Leather Messenger from jill.e designs.
- Bone Leather Camera Bag from jill.e designs.
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