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Monday, July 25, 2011

Fashion is art.

Feathers, Texture and a touch of Gold.

I find this really beautiful because it has remarkable semblance to an expertly done piece of art . Every element in this dress is balanced out with the incorporation of an opposite- details which compensate, so to speak. There is the shimmery gold in contrast with the soft tones, the volume of the puffed, feathery texture of the skirt with the structured, fitting bust. You can really appreciate what the designer did here.

What this design reminds me of is one of Fendi's SS creations we saw on the runway last year. See the flowing lace mesh fabric flowing down to the floor and the va-va-vooom feathery sleeves? The peeking of satin from underneath and the shoes with their metallic silver platforms? Compensation, compensation. It's a visual art, therefore there has to be balance. 

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