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Friday, March 20, 2015

Spotlight on: Model Chantelle Winnie from antm

Chantelle Winnie is a model that I - along with the rest of the world (probably) - discovered through America's Next Top Model. The show is not exceptional, really, but if you like fashion and photography and photo shoots (which is the only reason I watch it hah), it is great.

Chantelle was a contestant in the latest season of America's Next Top Model. She did not do exceptionally well in the competition, but I happen to believe that that does not really and truly reflect the actual potential she has as a model.

The really special thing about her, is her skin - clearly. She has a condition called Vitiligo, which is a chronic disease where patches of skin loose their pigmentation. Chantelle had this since she was four, so she had what she describes as a tough childhood especially when around other children.

However, it is beautiful that both in the competition and even when out in the 'real' modelling world, that flaw - so to speak - was that thing that set her apart and contributed to her beauty, and people saw that beauty. The disease doesn't wear her, she wears it.

One of her latest collaborations was with Desigual for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection, which was not the first time she teamed up with them. Both that and the Autumn/Winter 2014 collaboration she did with Desigual were great advertorial shoots in my opinion - she was an immensely great fit for Desigual. However, the first  photo above shows that skin condition or not, she can do an array of things and moods. It is a paradox, because while very unique and interesting, it seems to me like she still has that adaptability that successful models have.

Desigual's Autumn/Winter 2014 Campaign

Desigual's Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Editorial for SHOWstudio x MACHINE - A

The above shoot must be my favourite, the angle of the camera in the first photo, the angles of her body and limbs and the ethereal expression  - it all came together.

I think all this is an exceptional image. I feel that it is proof that society and the fashion industry are collectively  moving away from that exclusively obvious, perfect perfect and all symmetrical beauty. Beauty is a lot of things, in my opinion.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentino Couture SS13

Thanks to the Dazed and Confused Facebook pictures, in my near complete hibernation during the exam period I got to see some snaps of the Valentino Couture SS13. They're all backstage photos and that's one of the things I like best about these photos, they have more character. On the catwalk, it's all about the clothes, with good reason, but backstage, you get to see a bit of the people characterising the clothes too.

 I love Valentino because the clothes always have that ethereal beauty to them, at least to me. I was obsessed with drawing and painting fairies when I was younger so this takes me back to that. The collection seems to be characterized by two element types. There's the almost strict, geometric lines that twirl into classy looking swirls that remind me a bit of long twirling leaves and flowers. Like the white on white embossed numbers or the sheer and black lining over white underlays. I love these pieces because they have structure despite the flowery feel.  

The other type is the embroidered flowery mesh kind of thing. The flowing, abstract kind like the photo below. These numbers are less strict, more flouncy, light and airy. 

As Dazed and Confused wrote in this article, this collection is one of those which seems to translate "the beauty of the outdoors", indoors. 



Tina x

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Revlon Haul and Mini Review

Finishing early from Uni yesterday resulted in a 'mini' make-up shopping spree. I kind of skimp on make-up usually. However I have been watching a lot of beauty videos on youtube and I'm slowly getting hooked. In fact, I think I'll do a post with my favourite beauty videos and such. Until then, I shall rave and buy more make-up and rave some more. Below is what I bought and a little about what I thought. :)

Revlon Matte Blush in 002 Blushing Berry

This is a warm berry-pink colour with just(barely) a hint of peach. I really like this. It's quite pigmented, just enough to manage, and the brush is good. I've been wearing it every day since I bought this. I think it adds that 'natural blush' and I find that really flattering. I don't really like that 'obvious blush' look, if you know what I mean.

Revlon Super Lustrous in 026 Abstract Orange

I think this is a very summery colour. It's one of the two orange-red toned lipsticks I have. I wore it today and it's one of my new favourites. It's got a pearly sheen which this range of Revlon lipsticks have. I don't like it much on  my lips but overall it's very pretty. The colour is a coral-red which is really nice for during the day, I think. It adds a nice touch of colour to the face. 

Revlon Colorburst  in 010 Plum


I love this colour. I actually had a very similar one, but it broke and the packaging got all smashed and meh I had to buy a new one. I wore this already and it's good. It's creamy and it's pigmented. I don't wear it alone because I'm not used to that kind of thing; I pat it on and apply a clear moisturising lip-balm over it (or the other way round) and it's really really nice.

Barry M Lipstick in 151 Sunset


I know I said 'Revlon Haul' and this is clearly not Revlon, but I bought this a while ago and I thought I should put this here. I bought this online and I was quite disappointed. The swatch looked different, it's in fact much more bright. It's very pigmented and it looks almost neon when applied. I only use this when I want to add some coral to a more nude-coloured lip-tone. 

Mini Nail Enamels in 'Rock Star', 'Gold Coin' and 'Ruby'.

See the 'Gold Coin' one? The texture is gorgeous.

These mini nail-colours where a gift. They're more wintry colours but I really like them. I'm wearing the 'Gold Coin' one in fact. It's very consistent and the quality is good. Nothing to say against it. :)

Happy Weekend!
Tina :)

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