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Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 4th: My Favourite Print(s)

Here's round 4 of the May Fashion Blogger Challenge. In this challenge we had to find our favourite print. What I thought was:

"Oh, this is an easy one" : 

Mary Katrantzou. Obviously.

However, since I can't afford such pieces as of yet, I make do with High street pieces, which are still pretty good! Below there's two of my favourite prints that I own. I have more, but I managed to cut it down to two. First is my -quite old- Accessorize scarf with a pink/purple/green/beige paisley print, and then my new Zara shorts in a print that reminds me a lot of Mary Katrantzou's own digital creations.

- Tina x

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Clothing Rack

Here's a sneak peak of my clothing rack, just because it's pretty. :)

Also, can you guess who the poster on the wall to the left depicts? Bonus points if you do! :P

Tina x

May 2nd: I have the most...

The second challenge for the month of May gives us the prompt of "I have the most...". After being greatly tempted to finish that sentence with the phrase "scarcest make-up collection ever", I  turned my attention to the ever-growing scarf collection that I have in my room. 

Scarves give the outfit something more in an easy and effortless manner, and more often than not I just can't help but throwing one on before I go out. Since in Summer, the luxury of layering is virtually non-existent here in Malta, scarves are a good alternative. It gives some dimension without the stifling heat... well, not that much anyway.

There's even more than that. I just reached for those that were in sight haha.

From left: Accessorize, Stradivarius, Koan, Accessorize, Zara, Marks and Spencer and the small bit showing belongs to one from Promod.

These are a few of my favourite. I wear the taupe-y nude one all the time, and the leopard one is a new favourite too. I also have a wishlist of scarves! Some of them are; a bright pink (almost neon) one, this bird print one and a striped scarf. Making way for summer, obviously. :)

Tina x

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