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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

William Wilde at Runway Malta

One of the most hyped up and talked about shows at Runway Malta was that of William Wilde's very 'British' collection. I do have loads of other runway photos from this event, but the William Wilde ones are my favourite. I was down by the rest of the press for this show so my photos were taken from a much better angle.

After a lot of editing, I can now post some significant pieces in William Wilde's collection. He was one of my two favourites of the night and definitely the show I enjoyed most. Loved the music and the ambience, I found it suited the collection perfectly and definitely gave it that something more with regards to presentation.

Two black and white numbers which I loved. I wouldn't necessarily wear them, but my god they're beautiful. Especially the second. I think the designer balanced everything so well. I love the way he used PVC and paired it with the knee-length dresses. A high hem-line would have probably looked somewhat trashy (for lack of a better suited word). With the type of dresses and cuts he designed, however, William Wilde made PVC look sophisticated and glamorously elegant. 

These two pieces above exemplify what I meant by "very British". Doesn't it look so? I think it does. It's a vintage British silhouette executed with modernist touches and detail. The studded bows and belts, quirky sunglasses and bold stripes make the collection ever so playful.

I love this so much it's ridiculous.

More! Fun, fun, fun pieces. You can also watch the whole show, here. I highly recommend you watch it as it was such an enjoyable show.

One last dress. This was definitely my favourite of the lot. It's something I would wear, though preferably it would be made out of a more comfortable material :P. As a concluding thought, though, I really liked how the PVC fabric fell and the silhouettes that were created with it. Probably being a difficult material to wield, you can really appreciate the designer's work and the effect he achieved through his creations.

Also, for backstage photos, do check the Tiziana's post on Rouge Reveries here. Being backstage looks like a different experience altogether and I really enjoyed  seeing all the photos and random snaps. :)

Tina x
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