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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Three Things #1

In the intent to relaunch my blog, I will be starting this series called "Three Things". Since I'm always browsing - especially over on tumblr - and online shopping, the result is the development of tiny obsessions with specfic details; a type of shoe, colour, clothing, jewellery and such. So I will be sharing a few of these over here - god willing it interests someone else haha. 

1. Silver

Over on my Tumblr, I've been loving silver nails, shoes and satin, silver-coloured garments. In general, silver coloured jewellery is not really my thing as I definitely tend to gravitate towards gold accessories... but silver shoes and dresses? - I've been loving, lately.

Photos (clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4)

2. White Lace

In particular, these embroidered light bomber jackets below - if I find one to buy this spring I'll be the happiest. My favourite is the jacket in the top right picture; it is from Valentin Yudashkin SS15 (a great collection in general, you can view it here.)

Photos (clockwise from top left: 123, 4)

3. Hair Inspiration

Have you ever been in a "Hair-rut" ? A phase where you felt that you were really bored with your hair? The way it fell, the colour, the terrible need of a cut and a pick me up? Well, I'm there right now, so I have been looking up styles - colours, mostly - so that I do something with it. 

I'm leaning towards ginger hair a lot, but my hair colour is a sort of medium dark, ashy kind of brown, so it's either that or I simply go lighter on my natural shades. 

Or Pink. (I wish)

Photos (clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Those were my three things for this first post. Not the only things I'm fawning over at the moment, but more on that later!

Hope you're having a good day :) 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mood Board

So last week I applied for a Fashion Foundation course that is being held at the St James Cavalier centre for creativity. I had my first 3 hour session yesterday and I must say it was rather interesting. It was more of an overview of the Fashion Industry but we also got a couple of exercises, both individual and group work. One of them was thinking up a 'Jenny' for our hypothetical collection. 

We also went briefly into mood boards, so for today we had to create one of our own. The theme I wanted to go with was a chaotic, dynamic and grungy sort of feel. The collection behind this mood board would be something with contrast, something with a structured, tailored feel but still has that dynamic look. Little stones and metal embellishments with an asymmetrical cuts and lines. I'd probably do pops of well integrated colour with whites, creams greys and blacks.

Also, our lecturer , Alison Coates, explained how the type of mood board like below is better than a bunch of clothing and catwalk looks. I'd imagine that a mood board for styling ideas would, in fact, be made as a number of inspiring looks, but for design ideas it's not the same.

It didn't take that much to make but I did think about it and visualize a lot. I do like the final outcome. I'm not particularly into dark colours but I do like that grunge feel so I think what I came up with is adapted to this.

Inspirations for this look were also the Chanel Fall/Winter 2011/2012 show. I loved that show, even more than this year's. The music, the mood, I like it better.

Tina x

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Art of Black

This year, I want to learn the art of pulling off an all-black(ish) outfit like that. Black is overused, abused and sometimes worked so totally wrong that I generally tend to just steer clear of it. In fact, I do not own many items in Black. However, I do think that it's a nice colour to dress in, and I want to learn more about how to do it properly. Like the example below.

Photo from Stockholm Street Style

Below are a few tips and guidelines (not actual rules. There are no rules in Fashion...methinks, anyway) I would keep in mind when going for a predominantly Black outfit:

- Layer. This will help add different dimensions to your outfit and automatically making it more interesting 
and visually dynamic.
- Add texture. Like a lace shell top, a knitted item, different kinds of fabric and so on.
- Accessorize. Even studded clothing counts. Accessories will make your outfit less dull and more oomph.
- Do add spots of colour. Like a coloured stone ring, a subtle pattern (like the one on the bag in the picture above), Lipsticks and Nail Laquers. 

Remember, being creative is the key.

Photo from here

Photo from here

Photo from here

Predominantly Black

Tina :) x

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Style Icon: Abbey Lee Kershaw

This morning I was browsing Tumblr and what Fashion posts I have hearted in the past few days and I came across this:

Below, where before I hadn't noticed it, I saw the word 'Abbey'. Abbey as in Abbey Lee Kershaw. As I googled her, I found out that I had innocuously been posting pictures of her outfits, both on the runway and street styles.

In short, I'm in love with her style. So much so she's officially my first 21st Century Style Icon. What I love about her is that she has an ability to pull off things in any way she wants. She is versatile both as a model and with her own looks and styling. Even with the same bloody outfit. Let me show you.

The above picture illustrates one of my favourite ever. Why? Because it's very much like what I would wear. Loose lace dress, the large blazer, its colour. However, this is not the only time she wore that outfit. Ladies and, possibly, gentleman, look and admire:

Picture from here

Can you believe it? She looks so stunningly different that she doesn't even seem like the same person.

You might be thinking that it's obvious, you might think it is indeed nothing special. But it certainly is something I deem highly crucial in Fashion. Having the ability to make yourself look a certain way is a way of expressing yourself, and this is maybe one of the top, main reasons why I love Fashion so much. 

What makes her look so different is how she complemented the outfit. Make-up, hair and possibly more than we can currently observe. Clearly, she knows her assets and works them to her benefit. The ability to pull off different looks is knowing yourself and how to style according to what you are like. Fashion and style isn't only about the clothes. It's about how you wear them, how you define what you want through them, and not the brand or anything else.

Now, Abbey is a model, so on the runway she does actually have to sell the brand. I chose her to illustrate my point because as a model, she easily shows what I mean as her style is very distinct even when she's not working. Though, to be fair, if Abbey had any particular style it would be called 'versatile'.

Street Styles both from here
Street Style and backstage at David Jones S/S 2011 from here and here

Quick(ish) post today! I'm soon off to my old sixth form, De La Salle. They have Lasallian Nights show tonight and I'm going to see them get ready, meet up with people and take some pictures. 

Tata :)
Tina x

Saturday, October 29, 2011


from here

I started University recently, and unsurprisingly enough, I switched to Architecture. I really think that my first few lectures in Engineering made me realize how much I love art, design and fashion. I do think I'm a very visual person, and I really think about what I see. I also believe that it is through these visual elements that we express ourselves and who we are. Hence my love for Fashion and alas, this blog.

Today I spent a day fooling around to the likes of Foster the People and Flight Brigade, trying on all sorts of wacky outfits and items of clothing I simply forgot I had. What I find helps too is creating mood boards out of magazine cutouts.  Experiment as much as you can with what you have, you have no idea what wonderful outfits you can create.

If I could sum up my style in one (or two) words, it would be 'mix-and-match' (oh well, that's three words...) . An amalgamation of styles and bits of things I like. In fact, I see this quite a bit, especially in street styles. When you see what people wear outside, it's different. Unlike a runway collection, I do think that one is more free, because there isn't the need of a theme or 'coherence' if you must. You dress as you please.

Looks from Stockholm Street Style- Caroline's Mode, The Sartorialist and editorial look from Fashion Rogue.

Friday, May 6, 2011

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