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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Three Things #1

In the intent to relaunch my blog, I will be starting this series called "Three Things". Since I'm always browsing - especially over on tumblr - and online shopping, the result is the development of tiny obsessions with specfic details; a type of shoe, colour, clothing, jewellery and such. So I will be sharing a few of these over here - god willing it interests someone else haha. 

1. Silver

Over on my Tumblr, I've been loving silver nails, shoes and satin, silver-coloured garments. In general, silver coloured jewellery is not really my thing as I definitely tend to gravitate towards gold accessories... but silver shoes and dresses? - I've been loving, lately.

Photos (clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4)

2. White Lace

In particular, these embroidered light bomber jackets below - if I find one to buy this spring I'll be the happiest. My favourite is the jacket in the top right picture; it is from Valentin Yudashkin SS15 (a great collection in general, you can view it here.)

Photos (clockwise from top left: 123, 4)

3. Hair Inspiration

Have you ever been in a "Hair-rut" ? A phase where you felt that you were really bored with your hair? The way it fell, the colour, the terrible need of a cut and a pick me up? Well, I'm there right now, so I have been looking up styles - colours, mostly - so that I do something with it. 

I'm leaning towards ginger hair a lot, but my hair colour is a sort of medium dark, ashy kind of brown, so it's either that or I simply go lighter on my natural shades. 

Or Pink. (I wish)

Photos (clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Those were my three things for this first post. Not the only things I'm fawning over at the moment, but more on that later!

Hope you're having a good day :) 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Statement Shoes

I'm developing a thing for shoes lately. A few days ago my new Topshop Heeled Brogues arrived. Being snakeskin and all that, they're quite the statement. But I really like them!

Also, I know I haven't posted in a while now, but I'm finishing off a ton of assignments. Partly because tomorrow I'm off to London for the weekend for a mini-break (of sorts)! :)

Tina x

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Studs, Punk and Balmain.

Ever wondered how spikes and studs ever made it to the catwalk? To be worn by glamorous people and the fashion world throughout? To be considerer as Haute Couture, even? Well, now you will.

You can easily spot Edelmann's Zoyla and Lorissa.  The Zoyla especially is a very popular component of the latest street style look. The rest are all Balmain.

After doing a bit of research, it turned out (not that surprisingly really) that studs, spikes and embellishments in general came from the Punk subculture. This particular case is one where high-end and designer fashion was thoroughly affected by street style. Because this was a purely "street" style.

In fact, clothing with spikes, studs and punk fashion in general was originally hand-made. The punk sub culture was a sort of rebellion. It was an aggressive and anarchic movement, hence the unkempt, fierce hairstyles and trademark embellishments. This subculture considered itself to be quite anti-fashion. Ironically, the "anti-fashion" style it developed was adopted by designer and high-end labels, and was very much commercialized later on.

Balmain, as you might have guessed, is my favourite label for such casual, punkish attire. Whilst this particular Fashion House was previously known for it's luxurious and glamorous looks, under the Designer Christophe Decarnin it adopted a distincly edgier feel. Below are three of my favourite looks from this year's F/W Collection.

images from here

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