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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's not vanity. Seriously, it's not.

I have a different kind of post for you guys today. I've been thinking, you see, and since I do quite a lot of it, I managed to actually get somewhere.

I had a short day at University today. So after a lesson of 'Tool-kit For Thinking Out Of The Box' I decided to treat myself to a shopping spree and spend every single shiny euro. It didn't really end up to that but I did spend the majority of what I had. I would say I feel guilty, but I don't.

I feel I have to say this; it was a special day. It was a special day because for the past few days I've been pin-pointing shopping and spending habits I have that are rather annoying. For one thing, it's incredible how much I skimp on bottoms; ie. trousers, skirts and shorts. The second and most annoying is that I tend to be scared of buying things for fear of spending the little money I have. The thing is, I bloody spend it on food, drinks and useless stuff then. *disbelieving* *ugh*.

So today I feel like I've launched a personal project. One that's all about spending my money on things that really matter. Specifically, on building a wardrobe of quality items. These are to me the equivalent of quality art paints. Dressing up is an art. It's not vanity. Seriously it's not. 

Take it like this: Would have Van Gogh been able to create his masterpieces without paint and canvas? No. So we need clothes. We need bags and scarves and shoes. It's our creative side which compels us to translate this artistic streak through what we wear. With that being said, I feel completely justified for not feeling guilty at spending my money on clothes.

Also, in spirit of Van Gogh and Fashion:

pictures from here

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's in my Saved Items?

I've been planning to do this post for ages, so I'm really happy that I've gotten round to doing it in the end. Since I haven't ever yet shown you what I bought, I am going to give you a peek into my typical (or not so typical?) Saved Items list on ASOS. I do not actually shop a lot from ASOS, but I do get a lot of ideas of what to buy from the shops available in Malta. I'm not really a fan of online shopping as the part I like most is trying on the clothes and actually making an outing out of a shopping trip. However, I still window shop online a LOT. And I do mean a lot.

About those Brogues. I have (kind of) had enough of this shoe, but really, this design has a sort of casual elegance about it. I really would like something similar. The Floppy Hat I will probably buy. I *want* to wear it but I'm scared that when I do get it I'll end up not wearing it. Oh well. 

By the way, sorry for the lack of posts lately, the end of term is approaching and I've got looooads of work to do. 

Good day :) 
Tina x

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fashionable Camera Bags

One of my latest tech-related aquisitions is my beloved SLR. I bought a Nikon (Body Only) and a 50mm lens with an f/1.8. And I'm in love.

What I wasn't in love with, though, was the plain, black camera bag my SLR inherited from my previous camera. A while back I had spotted a gorgeous camera bag from River Island. I was pretty sure they wouldn't have any left in stock- but they did, they did! And here it is:

In the spirit of fashionable Camera bags, I did some research in the area, and found some other pretty cool ones available online. Here are a few of my picks:

From top left (to right):

- FOSSIL Shelby Camera Handbag
- Grafea Leather Camera Bag, available here.
- Laurel Wreath Collection by Richard Nicoll Leather Camera Bag from ASOS.
- CaseCrown CAMO Rugged Canvas Camera Bag from Amazon.
- Jack Leather Messenger from jill.e designs.
- Bone Leather Camera Bag from jill.e designs.
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