Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Be Right Back!

I already haven't been posting this month, but these two weeks there's no chance I'll be able to do so either. I'll be back after the 20th of June, which is when I have my Design Review (eep!).
In the mean time you can check out my tumblr, 'cause I have been and probably will continue posting there for the time being. :)

Tina x

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Statement Shoes

I'm developing a thing for shoes lately. A few days ago my new Topshop Heeled Brogues arrived. Being snakeskin and all that, they're quite the statement. But I really like them!

Also, I know I haven't posted in a while now, but I'm finishing off a ton of assignments. Partly because tomorrow I'm off to London for the weekend for a mini-break (of sorts)! :)

Tina x

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bits and bobs

This week I took quite a lot of photos for my Fashion blog, and I thought I'd show you my favourites.

A Topshop Crop Top :)

Spike necklace from Regal Rose. Love lovity love love.

Head over heels (heels? get it?) with these shoes.
They're ASOS AVA booties.

Cool Ear Cuff. I'm getting another similar one from ASOS though 'cause I really liked it too. 

Oh, I love these shorts.

Part of a little activity we did in the Fashion Foundation course I attended last March.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gareth Pugh and Pitti Imagine #79

Gareth Pugh is an emerging Fashion Designer with a very distinct style. We may say this about every other designer really, but if applies to anyone, it's Gareth Pugh. It's through his immediate leap into the unconventional, unseen and vaguely sinister that marked him down as a designer to keep an eye on. Gareth Pugh practically gambled all his money into what he did. 

I decided to do a post about this designer because in my Fashion Foundation seminar we saw a Fashion Film of Gareth Pugh's Pitti at the Imagine #79. It's amazing, really. I mean, props to the director Ruth Hogben, but boy, Gareth Pugh's visions do seem stir something deep within.

I love this one particularly because you can feel the contrast brought by Gareth pugh's usual insights in his creations and the religious connotations at this Italian debut. The melancholic strings against the modernist sounds.
"With a collection inspired by religious iconography and Florentine opulence, Gareth Pugh made his Italian fashion debut at Pitti Immagine #79. Showcasing his clothes via a unique fashion film, created with Ruth Hogben and projected onto the ceiling of a 14th-century church, Pugh melded the grand traditions and art of this ancient city with his own hyper-modern fashion vision." - SHOWstudio

One thing about Gareth Pugh that makes him distinguishable is the way in which he "reaches out". It's a feeling he instils. His designs are daring, a little bit off, maybe, but inherently glamorous. I feel that the Fashion Film advertises this designer's image better than any still photo would. The twisting, crawling, creature-like figures seem to embody some unconscious instinct, searching, looking and testing reality.

I read somewhere that Gareth Pugh's also influenced by London's club scene. You can feel that in the way the figures move, their disconnection with time and place and the harmony with their bodies and movements with the throbbing sounds.

Here is the link to another Fashion Film, the one from Gareth Pugh's Spring/Summer 2011.

In my opinion, Gareth Pugh kind of gives any other aspiring designer the push to find that something more within.

-Tina x

May 4th: My Favourite Print(s)

Here's round 4 of the May Fashion Blogger Challenge. In this challenge we had to find our favourite print. What I thought was:

"Oh, this is an easy one" : 

Mary Katrantzou. Obviously.

However, since I can't afford such pieces as of yet, I make do with High street pieces, which are still pretty good! Below there's two of my favourite prints that I own. I have more, but I managed to cut it down to two. First is my -quite old- Accessorize scarf with a pink/purple/green/beige paisley print, and then my new Zara shorts in a print that reminds me a lot of Mary Katrantzou's own digital creations.

- Tina x

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